With over 6,000 products, we have a lot going on here at Benjamin International! Some of the products are imported from around the world and some are designed and manufactured right here in the United States of America. In our many travels to exotic places like Nepal, Indonesia or India, we take great care in selecting the finest and most meaningful products to come back with. Most of the products are hand crafted in emerging markets by artisans and are made with positive intentions, which are then delivered to your doorstep! Each traditional craft or product has it’s own special nuances and beauty. By carefully selecting who we import from we are assisting in creating thriving markets in third world countries as well as supplying these unique pieces to our customers. Since we are exposed to so many innovative ideas and design motifs through our travels, we always return with the knowledge and inspiration to then apply to our own pieces. With the global exposure from various artists we have created several lines of gift and jewelry items and manufacture these goods on American soil promoting America’s economy and our own artisans.

Our Mission

At Benjamin International we act as a conduit for global artisans and tribal communities connecting them with boutiques, independent retailers and cultural institutions across the United States. With a strong emphasis on design and fair dealings we are happy to provide a vast array of hand picked goods for the spiritual business owner.



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  2015 Mini Gift

To request catalogs be mailed to your business, please email
info@benjamininternational.com or call 203-758-1686


Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours, from Connecticut, via FedEx unless otherwise specified. In order to provide timely service, we encourage first time customers to use VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. If you would like to establish COD company check or net 30 terms, please request a credit application. Allow 2-3 weeks for approval. Our minimum opening order is $100.00; minimum reorder $50.00.

Backorders over $50 and less than 60 days old will be shipped automatically, unless otherwise specified. All domestic backorders are shipped free freight with the exception of incense, statues, and salt lamps. Backorders under $50 are automatically canceled. Please include those items on your next order. A 1.5% per month (15% per year) finance charge will be added to past due accounts. All costs incurred in collection of debt will be added to customer account. Prices subject to change without notice.


At this time we are not accepting online payments. 





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