Benjamin International Quick Order

We know you are busy, so we included this quick order feature to speed up the ordering process. If you prefer not to browse the whole site to find your products, simply enter the full item number and quantity.

Follow these easy instructions:

1. Enter full item number (i.e.., 5951BKS - Include color and size suffix if necessary)
2. Enter Quantity
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as needed
4. Click | VERIFY ITEMS | button
5. Review Confirmation Page
6. If your order looks correct click | SEND TO CART | Button to send all items to your cart. If there are errors, they will appear in red and you will be able to go back to form to fix the errors.
7. View Cart & Place Order

For your convenience we have included this quick video. Take peak and see how it all works! click here.

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